Pandigital Pad......
This little pad is a low budget gadget for any hackr out there..... But it could use a spot to enable storage of a stylus.... smile
26 Feb 2011 by PuPp3t

More Members to Welcome.....
Hackrz has more members... Plz Welcome:

Gotta Have Cookies.... wink
04 Dec 2008 by PuPp3t

Welcome our Newwest members.....
Hackrz has recently recruited some new members.... We would like to Welcome the following members....


16 Nov 2008 by PuPp3t

New Servers
We wil now be having 12-man servers better perfoemance and gameplay.. Our Members will have access to the servers to be able to scrim and practice with the public...
15 Dec 2007 by PuPp3t